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Crest and Zapper Launch Cashless Smart Parking Solution at Adelphi Galleria in Cape Town

7 November 2023

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Searching for a pay station, standing in the queue and digging for cash can be a tedious (and often frustrating) activity for most shoppers. As the willingness of a customer to visit a specific retailer depends largely on convenience, malls and shopping centres are constantly looking at ways in which to improve shopper experience and customer retention.


To meet the needs of the ever-increasing demand for more convenient, time-saving parking solutions, local parking systems manufacturer, Crest Parking and Access Control , have integrated mobile payment platform Zapper with its Smart Parking solutions, enabling customers to make fast, easy and safe payments with a quick scan from their smartphone.


“We developed the Smart Parking solution to provide customers with the convenience and freedom of choosing their preferred payment method when paying for their parking. The integration of South Africa’s leading mobile payment platform, Zapper, has been a game-changer for our clients. Visitors can now simply scan the QR code on their ticket, pay and exit,” said Crest Director, Stephen Etherington. 


Crest Parking and Access Control recently upgraded the parking system at Adelphi Galleria in Sea Point, Cape Town to include Zapper as a payment option. 

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The recently renovated Adelphi Galleria offers shoppers a unique shopping experience in a galleria-style shopping centre with offerings ranging from farm-fresh organic produce to handmade award-winning patisseries. Adelphi Galleria shoppers can now save themselves valuable ‘queuing time’ at pay stations through safe, fast and easy Zapper mobile payments. 


There has been a significant increase in mobile payment adoption by South African shoppers over the past year. According to recent Zapper statistics for Canal Walk, the largest shopping mall in Cape Town, customers paying parking tickets via Zapper increased by 66% over the past 12 months. Customers paying parking tickets across all the malls in the country where Zapper is available, increased by 124% in the past year.

Recently, Crest installed a Pay-On-Foot parking solution, integrated with Zapper and Ingenico ‘tap-to-pay’ credit card functionality for Newlands Cricket Grounds in Cape Town, as well as a ticketless tap in/tap out credit card function with Zapper payment option at Cedar Square in Fourways, Gauteng. “Visitors no longer need to queue at a pay point at all. It’s an entirely cashless system. Not only is a cashless solution safer and more cost-effective, it prevents unnecessary frustration for both the visitor and parking management by eliminating unavoidable cash-related faults and downtime,” says Stephen. 


Crest Parking and Access Control Director, Robert van Niekerk says that while parking solutions have made great strides over the past decade, technologies are rapidly evolving as the world moves towards smarter cities and urbanisation increases.


“It is key for both property managers and equipment manufacturers to develop and adopt technologies that respond to customers’ needs in order to set themselves apart from their competitors. Parking is a customer’s first and last (often lasting) impression; and an essential part of a customer’s overall experience. We strive to make it as convenient and seamless as possible.”

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