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Revenue Parking Systems

Innovative revenue parking systems that help you stay in control and maximise your revenue, whenever and wherever you are


Client: TCI Group

Location: Dean Street Arcade

Project Date: 1 July 2019

Project Scope: Manufactured and installed Revenue Parking System with 1 Entry and 1 Exit Lane. The system includes the ability to handle stage 4 loadshedding or 24hrs without power

Reason for Replacement: Previous system was obsolete

Client Reference

We have recently upgraded our parking equipment at Dean Street Arcade to the new Crest Parking and Access Control equipment. This was as a result of inefficiencies with the old parking equipment. We are pleased with the new Crest Parking and Access Control product that we are using, along with the great customer service that we receive. 

Since upgrading the old parking equipment, we have seen a vast improvement within the first month with regards to an increase in revenue as well as access control being monitored accurately. 

We would definitely recommend companies that use older parking equipment to consider upgrading to the Crest Parking and Access Control product. 

Dean Street Arcade

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