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Our Services

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing smart solutions that help our clients save time and money

Site Evaluation and Recommendations

We will come to your site and based on your requirements or the condition of your existing equipment, will make a recommendation on the correct, most cost effective solution to meet your needs.

Trained Installation and Service Technicians

Our highly trained technicians take care of all the installation requirements, making it a hassle free experience for you.

On Site Training

Once the installation of your new equipment has been completed, our qualified staff will commence the on site training of your staff.

After Sales Service and Support

We pride ourselves on our excellent after sales service. We will always act promptly to answer any questions you may have or sort out any problems.

Service Maintenance Contracts

Regular maintenance of your new or existing systems by our experienced technicians, will insure that any potential problems are caught and fixed before they occur, keeping your system in excellent working condition and prolonging the life of your assets.

All Consumables

We carry stock of all consumables such as Tickets, Card, Tags, Printer Ribbons, etc.

Custom Hardware and Software Development

We have an in-house development team that can do any electronic and software items to suit all applications.

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